Isovalve has been invented by a plumber for plumbers to save time and increase productivity.

Isovalve is an isolating valve like no other because it has the ability to have its outlet pipe removed, leaving a sleek linear cylindrical shape that allows it to be used as a test plug.

Isovalve is installed prior to wall linings so fixtures can be installed at any time without turning off the water – saving time, eliminating any inconvenience for other users and reducing the costs for the client.


No need to turn the water off at a remote location

No need to install a traditional (temporary) test plug

Ability to control water flow to individual tap fittings (e.g. small wash basins)

Faster installation than traditional methods

Pipe work can be flushed clean before installation of tap fittings

Allows air to be bleed from the system prior to pressure testing

Easy checking for cross connections between hot and cold

No need to drain down plumbing system

Allows water to always be available to other users (e.g. during construction)


Ability to isolate faulty water fittings without affecting the rest of the system and incurring costly callout fees

Allows future maintenance to be carried out on individual fittings without disruption to the rest of the household system

Saves money on energy (cost of heating wasted hot water) and excess water use

Environmentally friendly

Flow restriction prevents splashing

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